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My 'Anti Pollution Fault' *FIXED* HDI 110


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PostPosted: Mon 04 Oct, 2010 5:55 pm Reply with quote
Applies to my 2.0HDI 110  on 03 plate.  (307 SW SE)
Just thought id share my anti pollution fault experience on here incase it may help others with similar symptoms as we all know anti pollution can be so many things.

It started with diesel additive min level warning , a few weeks later followed by 'Anti pollution Fault' and the management light on the instruments.
Initially i took the car back as it was within 3 month warranty and let them sort it which they did. They topped up the additive tank and did a forced regeeration and reset all counters which seemed to do the trick.
For a while at least.

I always fill up with bp ultimate but got caught short one day and had to put a fiver of less than decent fuel in which prompted the car to regen upon driving.
I had to stop(bad idea).

The following day you guessed it i had anti pollution fault again.
The only thing i thought was that perhaps it would clear with some more ultimate but the weeks passed and it didnt and i was living in limp home mode(restricted revs to around 2500-3000).

My first undertaking was to clean the FAP/DPF filter as i thought perhaps the forced regeneration wasnt enough to clear it properly. I followed one of the many guides floating around and washed the rear section (front part being the CAT i believe) of my filter, taken from under the car, at work where i had access to correct waste disposal, wash faciltiy.

Refitted hoping the faults would clear but they didnt. adamant nothing else could be wrong i called the rac and convinced them to read and reset my codes.
faults were:
P1447 DPF clogged /blocked or just plain broke  (NOTE this fault wouldnt clear on scan tool however once the car went to sleep it was cleared upon restart)
P1425 Temperature sensor voltage too low ( or words to that effect)

Foolishly  I chose to ignore the P1425 thinking it may be something and nothing or related to me unplugging the temp sensor in the dpf.
I thought id cracked it. The following day i thought it was okay until i started to boot it. once i exceeded a certain speed/revs the anti pollution fault and management light flagged again.

I did some digging elsewhere Eurovan site i think mainly and came across someone else with a recurring anti pollution when they booted it. Turned out they had this P1425 code also. Seems this is actually caused by the differential pressure sensor being faulty. A common fault by all accounts.

I got one from Peugeot at around 40 inc VAT. Fitted it. Obeying the 3 min rule (remembering to open the bonnet first). Pretty simple to fit: remove top cover of air filter box/ remove battery / remove Rear battery tray plate (simple just requires torx-type screwdriver). Sensor is  bolted to the brake servo has two hoses and one electrical plug. (the hoses coming from the dpf, just to note there seems to be nothing sensor wise in the FAP/DPF for pressure just two open hoses/ pipes that run to this sensor behind the battery).
The replacement sensor differed slightly to the original and i was led to believe it was' improved' and that they sold loads. however it retained the same connections.
PART 1618Z9

Refitting was simple just required some small jubilees as the original clips from the hoses were not reusuable in my instance.
NOTE TO ENSURE CORRECT HOSE CONNECTION: One hose has a white stripe /markings on the end , this corresponds to a small white blob on the old sensor  above the relevant tube to connect.
on the new sensor there is a white sticker with a white square drawn above the relevant connection.
plug eletrical plug in.

Put it all back together.....Called the RAC again got them to reset it both faults being there again.

1000 miles later of  both town and motorway driving and im still clear. (thank god).

Anyway hope this helps some people.
remember anti pollution can be many things and varies from model to model (engine-wise)
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