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Phase 2 Aagean Blue Henuine Sp Parts for sale
Phase 2 Aagean Blue Henuine Sp Parts
by RichardGoodman
Price: 0
Peugeot RT3 Sat Nav for sale
Peugeot RT3 Sat Nav
by heywoodtinker
Price: 100
PSA IDCA09 CD Changer for sale
PSA IDCA09 CD Changer
by pugice
Price: 50


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To understand why we have an optional subscribers scheme we must look into the history of the Peugeot Central website.

Peugeot Central was established by David Burley way back in May 2006. David had just purchased his own first Peugeot, a 307SW and was researching the car and looking for a forum to join to swap chat and advice, but after coming up short when researching online for a peugeot forum he finally gave up and created his own.

Over the next year or so the site grew slowly but steadily and then in November 2007 suddenly the site took off, our average membership per day tripled. This created issues in that no longer could the site be hosted on a shared cheap server.

Peugeot Central had matured into a community and as such needed more sophisticated hardware, after dabbling with donations which proved unworkable due to their intermittent nature we eventually settled on a small subscription. The site switched over to optional subscriptions in January 2008 and has grown and grown since.


Peugeot Central has 107817 members, they have posted an amazing 28,189 Different topics in the Forums with an equally astonishing 77,675 Posts or replies in response.

The site has been running for 5876.56 Days (16.1 Years) now. The Average posts the forums receive per day is 13.22 and new topics per day is 4.80.

With this many members posting so many questions and responses and information you can be assured of a fast reply to any query on Peugeots you have.

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