Peugeot 407 sw 2007 sunblind repair / fault
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#31: Re: Peugeot 407 sw 2007 sunblind repair / fault Author: williom PostPosted: Tue 13 Aug, 2019 12:02 pm
Squiresey wrote (View Post):
Hello members

I have just joined the forum recently and have just bought the peugeot 407 sw jan 2007. I rather foolishly thought it would be easy to replace one of the sections in the sunblind however it appears that it might be more involved than that.
It appears that the a couple of the white sliders are missing and the rear right end plastic clip of one of the sections of the sunblind is broke off and missing.

Am i right in thinking that the whole headlining  has to be removed to gain access to remove and reinstall these?

If so please can someone send me a comprehensive as poissible diagram and instructions for removal of controller, headlining, sunblinds, reinstallation and commissioning.
and also if you know where the best place is if i either have to buy a new section and also where to buy the sliders etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated  as i thinks i may be bit stuck with this one otherwise       Confused

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#35: Re: Peugeot 407 sw 2007 sunblind repair / fault Author: muryan PostPosted: Mon 31 Aug, 2020 2:23 am
minstrel wrote (View Post):
Hi there is an old post re this problem, and I have the same problem as you. Try to google it as Peugeot 407 sliding roof panel and on the first page is the link to this site and the relevant chap with email instructions. hope this helps .Minstrel

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#38: Re: Peugeot 407 sw 2007 sunblind repair / fault Author: jamessmith05540 PostPosted: Fri 16 Oct, 2020 12:05 pm
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