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2002 Peugeot 307SW Fuel Consumption

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Fuel Consumption details for 2002 Peugeot 307SW owned by pugadmin with average MPG of 47.74
Average number of days between refuelling stops: 1
Average Cost per litre: 1.05
Average Cost per Gallon: 4.77
Miles Per Litre: 11.54
Cost per Mile: 0.1
MOT Renewal DatesMOT Due Date: 22/05/2009
Road Tax Renewal DatesRoad Tax Due Date: 30/04/2009
Service Due DatesService Due: 29/11/2008
Insurance Renewal DatesInsurance Renewal Due: 24/05/2009
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Sort by this field AscendingDateSort by this field DescendingSort by this field AscendingMileage (Miles)Sort by this field DescendingSort by this field AscendingFuel Amount (Litres)Sort by this field DescendingFuel TypeSort by this field AscendingFuel CostSort by this field DescendingTotal CostMPGNotes
 05/11/2008 150 25.00 Diesel 1.00 25 27.28
 04/11/2008 600 40.00 Diesel 1.10 44 68.19 Notes available for this entry
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